About Felicia The Bartender

About Felicia
The Bartender

Hello, I’m Felicia, and I have been part of the hospitality industry for over 15 years.  Once a bartender and manger at Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen, over the years I have really taken a liking in this industry.  Being apart of the catering world along with hosting private events, has given me an excitement to bartend weddings, parties, and exclusive events.  As the Founder also known as Bye-Felicia, enjoys and has a true passion for creating drinks, cocktails even mocktails, bringing people together and having a great time.  About Felicia, she is a Navy Veteran who has served 10 years, active and reserve, who has acquired her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management and has 3 beautiful daughters. Let’s book your next event, and toast to excellent drinks, fun times, and great service.

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Mango & Hibiscus Mojito